On Monday the 15th of october, Puro Earth added the following on LinkedIn:

«BCG estimates an annual demand of durable Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) of ~40–200 Mt CO2 in 2030, growing to ~80–900 Mt CO2 in 2040. This translates into a ~$10 billion–$40 billion market opportunity in 2030, with an ample runway to reach ~$20 billion–$135 billion in 2040.

In their report, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) forecasts demand based on voluntary buyer preferences coupled with expected policy over the next 10 to 20 years across carbon compliance markets, CO2 removal mandates, and direct government procurement initiatives. The durable CDR methods referenced to include Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS), Biomass with Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS), Enhanced Weathering/Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Mineralization, and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement.

With the Puro Standard methodologies and third-party verification, we will provide assurance to companies that they are supporting science-based carbon removal….»

Euthenia Energy is a member of the European Biochar Industry Association (EBI) and participates in the carbon certification process. This means that following the comments made by Puro Earth, we should be cautious and take this factor into account for our future projects in the sector.

Write here a little summary of the singularity.

Write here a little summary of the singularity.